Redis database migration to Amazon Elasticsearch

By Peter HynesThe latest version of the Redis Docker Engine is now available for AWS Elasticsearch.

The new version has some major improvements, including support for a wide range of metrics including time-series and search, as well as the ability to migrate between database snapshots.

The Docker Engine version 1.1.2 is available from Docker Hub and the new version 1, 1.2 and 1.3 are available on the Redistributable Releases page.

In addition to the new release, there are also a couple of fixes and improvements.

The first is a bug in the search field, which has caused a few problems in the past.

The second is a memory leak in the default configuration.

It seems the memory leak has been fixed, but there’s no update on whether the other fixes will fix the leak in a future release.

The most notable change is the ability for the Elasticsearch module to run on EC2 instances that are running Redis on top of the EC2 instance.

This can be a very handy feature for deploying to multiple EC2 environments.

Redis and Amazon ElasticSearch have a long history.

In 2012, Amazon released a version of Redis based on the EC3 version of EC2, while the ElasticSearch version of Amazon Elastic is based on EC3.

The two projects share the same naming scheme and both are built on top the Redisc for Java module.