Racial slurs database for $50,000

By Bryan Wiedey, staff reporterThe database will be the first one in the United States, and it will contain only racially charged material, Wiedy says.

It’s a move by the ACLU to make sure that all the material it receives does not violate the First Amendment, Wiesey says.

Wiesey also points out that there are other databases that have been created, including one that contains images of people’s genitals.

The ACLU is also developing a database of racial slurs that has already been created by the organization.

The database, which will be made available to all who have signed up to receive it, will be free, but Wiesy says it will cost money, as well as limit the scope of the project.

The database will only contain material from people who identify themselves as African American or Hispanic, and only people who are willing to take the time to submit information.

How to fix an open vulnerability in Oracle MySQL 7.1, the latest version of the company’s MySQL database management system

By default, Oracle MySQL will log you out of the MySQL console if you open it to access its security settings page.

That’s fine, and you can disable this behaviour by editing the MySQL.ini file in your home directory.

This file will be located in the root of the current directory on the server and can be found in the /etc/mysql directory on all Unix-based systems.

Open that file and add the following line:  [mysql] login_password = admin login_host = 127.0.0:9200 password_alg = SHA1 password_file = /etc.dbname