How to raise the salaries of the top executives in the U.S. military

This post has been updated to include information on the pay of the new Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno, who replaced Odiernio as commander of U.N. forces in Afghanistan.

The Post’s Eric Tucker, Jennifer Jacobs and Carol D. Leonnig contributed.

The following are the top executive pay figures for the U

Microsoft dumps new Windows 8 backup database

Microsoft is dumping new Windows backups for the sake of convenience.

The company is doing this because it says the new Windows backup software makes backup more reliable, which it believes will allow for more customers to move to Windows 8 and avoid the hassle of installing third-party software.

“Windows 8 has dramatically improved the security of backup operations and data in many ways,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

“With the latest version of the Microsoft Windows backup service, you can easily back up your data without using third-parties.”

Windows 8 has significantly improved the protection of data in the event of an intrusion.

Microsoft has also started offering a free upgrade to the new version of Windows.

The news follows a few weeks of news that Microsoft’s backup service has been pulled after some customers complained about security issues.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 release includes a new “cloud backup” service, which allows you to upload a list of files to the cloud, and allows users to create backups of any of their data.

Microsoft is offering a $49 Windows 8.1 upgrade for a limited time to people who purchase the new OS.

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