What you need to know about the MAUDS (maude internet firearms) database

The Maude internet firearm database (MAUDS) is the world’s largest online repository of firearms data for the purposes of tracing firearms trafficking and preventing firearms theft.

Its first release in 2005, the MAUs first release was on February 4, 2018, the second was on August 1, 2018 and the third was on March 30, 2019.

The MAUs current release is available at the following sites: The Mauser website (www.mauser.com) The Mausers main database, the “Main Dataset” (http://www.mdb.org/) Mauser has also launched the “MAUSEARCH” service (http:/www.ms-mauser-main.com/mauser/) which can be used to search the MAUS for specific information about a firearm or gun owner.

In the “General Data” section of the “Mauser Main Datasets” search box, type in a keyword or name to search.

Once in the search results, the search result will include a list of firearms, or firearm owners, from which to choose the search terms.

In addition, if you click on the “Search” tab of the search, a link will be shown to the next page in the list of search results.

In order to create a search, select “Search by Type” in the “Advanced Search” drop-down menu.

Select a search term from the list, and click “OK”.

The search result list will then show a list with the most recent results, or “Latest Results”.

If you click “Save” on the search page, the result will be saved in the MAUSER database.

To retrieve the most recently updated search results for a firearm, click on “View Search Results”.

A summary of all search results will then appear in the top-right corner of the MAUSE menu.

The most recent search results are listed in the left sidebar of the menu.

You can click on any of these search results to display additional information, such as the name of the owner or the date of the purchase.

When you are ready to continue, click “Continue Search” at the top of the page.

The “View More” menu will display a list listing the “Current Search Results” in order of date added to the MAUser database.

Clicking on any search result in the current list will take you to the results page where you can click “View All Results” to view all of the results for that search term.

Click on the list to open a new tab or window.

If you wish to view the search query in detail, click the “View Query” link to view a full search query.

The search query will be displayed in the lower-right portion of the list.

The page will then display a detailed table of results for the search term in the column of the table titled “Search Results”.

The following is a list, based on the information provided, of the most current search results from the MAUPER database: Name of the firearm Manufacturer Manufacturer/Model Year Manufacture Date Purchased Date Purchase Date Sold Date Current Owner Date Last Owner Date Muzzle velocity range (fps) 0-200 fps 1-500 fps 500-1200 fps 1200-2000 fps 2000-2000fps 2000-2500 fps 2000+ fps Purchased from online retailer or licensed dealer 2-500 lbs.

Purchased directly from online store or licensed store Purchased by another source or online retailer Purchased through a third party, licensed dealer or other licensed source Purchased online online from a third-party online store Purchases by licensed dealers (not licensed online retailers) 2-10 lbs.

3-20 lbs.

20-30 lbs.

30-40 lbs.

40-50 lbs.

50-60 lbs.

60-70 lbs.

70-80 lbs.

80-90 lbs.

90+ lbs.

Purchase price (including shipping) (in US dollars) 0.000 – 4.000 $ – 4,000 $ 4,001 – 14,000 16,001+ $ $ $ 14,001-$ 200,000 4,501+ $ 15,000+ $ 4.00 $ 4 $ 4 + $ 1.00 (includes shipping) Purchase date (MM/DD/YYYY) Purchased on or after 1 January 2017 Purchased within the last 2 years Purchased after 1 July 2017 Purchases in the last 30 days Purchases from licensed dealers or licensed online stores Purchases through a licensed dealer, licensed online retailer, online retailer from a licensed online store, online online retailer (regardless of what the online retailer is selling) Purchases online Purchases within the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam Purchases outside of the US and Canada Purchases sold through a regulated online store (regulations vary by state) Purchasing through a government licensed retailer (eg, a gun dealer, a retailer selling