How to stop your cat getting into your house

It’s a cat story that’s sure to leave you with a smile.

The cat owner of a family in England is sharing their story on social media.

The family are concerned the cat has been allowed into their home, but a vet has said it’s not a problem.

They said: “We’ve never seen the cat in our house before, it’s only come out a few times to eat things and scratch our floor.”

When we got home, our dog started to run in and bark.

I rang the neighbours and they were all quite shocked and scared.

“The neighbours were quite upset and called the police.”

They were pretty concerned that we’d have to take action, but they said they’d take it out by the fire.

“But we went to the vet and it’s very rare to see cats in a house before.”

We were really worried that we might have to do something drastic.

“I’m just really worried, it is really scary, we’ve never had a cat before and it would be a nightmare if this was happening.”

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