Google scholar database administrator arrested over murder case

A Google scholar who was arrested on suspicion of murder and robbery has been arrested and booked for murder and a robbery, police said.

The case is being investigated by the Bhopal police.

The suspect has been identified as Vijay Kumar Sharma, 35, who worked as a Google Scholar database administrator and was arrested after he allegedly killed the father-in-law of a customer of his who works as a doctor.

The victim was identified as Kirti Sharma, a father-of-three who worked at a hospital in the city.

Police have said they have no leads to link the suspect to any other murders.

The arrest of Sharma comes as the BJP-led state government has been facing pressure to crack down on illegal gambling and other forms of crime.

Which Pokémon are on the verge of being completely banned in the United States?

In the United Kingdom, the government is considering a bill that would ban Pokémon-themed clothing and cosmetics.

The move has sparked outrage from some, including many members of the Pokémon community.

A spokeswoman for the British Home Office told The Verge that the government was looking at whether to ban the Pokémon characters and merchandise that are popular in the UK, specifically clothing, cosmetics, and toys.

According to the government spokesperson, it would be an “extraordinary measure” to ban “any product that is in any way associated with the Pokémon franchise.”

The spokeswoman also added that the Home Office would “continue to work closely with the British media, charities, schools, and other interested parties to ensure that we provide clear information and support to children and young people affected by the proposed legislation.”

The world’s most powerful company, Google, is about to change its name. title The Washington Post’s blog on the world’s top companies

Google, the world leader in search and data technology, announced Tuesday that it would change its corporate name to Google Ventures.

The change is part of Google’s efforts to gain market share and expand its reach beyond the U.S. to Europe and Asia.

Google Ventures was created in 2003 to support venture capital funding for startups in the U, U.K. and the U