How to Hack an Android Device Using Your PC to Attack It

Hacker News article How to Hijack an Android device using your PC to attack it.

The exploit works by using your computer’s web browser to load a malicious file that allows attackers to get to the Android device’s internal storage.

The file can be malicious or just a file that appears to be a malicious app.

The file can then be used to send the Android to another computer or computer running a different operating system.

Once on the Android, the attacker can launch the malware, take control of the device, and run code that executes.

While there’s no official word on how many Android devices have been targeted, there’s a growing number of reports of Android devices being attacked via malicious apps.

In this case, the malicious app uses the name “DroidSonic” to send Android phone calls to an infected computer.

As of October 4, the FBI had received more than 5,700 reports of an Android malware being used to target phones.

The malware is now being identified as AndroidNexus, a “rootkit” for Android phones.

Google has been working on a solution to protect against this type of malware, but it may not be ready for the masses until later this year.

You can get an Android phone in the wild now, but Google says that they’re still working on the software that will allow you to make them safe to use.