‘Game of Thrones’ writer reveals what’s in the final season

EW.com’s Andrew Mccarthy has exclusively learned that the HBO hit Game of Thrones will debut a new episode on Wednesday.

“It’s definitely the first episode we’re putting out, it’s the first new episode we’ll ever put out,” executive producer Bryan Cogman told EW.

“And it’s probably going to be the most emotional episode.”

The episode, titled “Races” will air as part of the network’s “Game of the Thrones” season premiere on Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 8 p.m.


Cogman said the new episode will focus on “how people of different races have been trying to survive in Westeros.”

“It’s a very big world and it’s very different, and it was very hard to put in a lot of space, but the characters and the storytelling is going to take a lot more space,” he added.

“We’ll see a lot, a lot and a lot from the characters, and that’s going to make it more intense, and really a story we’re really excited about.”

Cogmen also said that the new episodes will introduce a new character and an old one.

“The new episode is a very important one for the show,” Cogmansaid.

“There’s a lot going on in it.

There’s a new person and a new story and a whole new cast.”

Season 3 of HBO’s Game of the Throne premieres Tuesday, Feb, 17 at 9 p.t. on HBO and HBO GO.

Why Azure database is the future of data-storage

The cloud is revolutionising everything from cloud computing, and data-management tools, to data science and analytics.

But what’s missing is a platform that’s easy to use and has an underlying set of fundamental algorithms and algorithms that are universal across the entire data set.

That’s the key reason Azure is the best-designed database for data-sharing, storage, analysis and archiving.

For the last decade, Azure has been building the infrastructure for sharing data across all of its data centers, across all the different cloud-based data management systems and platforms, including Microsoft’s Azure Data Cloud.

In short, Azure is a great place to store data, but it’s also the perfect platform for data archiving and archival.

This is an edited version of an article that first appeared in the August 15 issue of Al Jazeera World.