How to use Google’s cloud storage to hack your bank account

A hacktivist group has claimed to have taken control of Google’s bank database, Google Drive, and has leaked a list of the bank’s customer accounts.

The hackers published a list on Pastebin that included personal details such as names, addresses, and email addresses.

It has been confirmed by the Guardian newspaper that the list is legitimate.

A separate group, the Anonymous Cyber Security Group, has claimed responsibility for the hack.

Anonymous claimed responsibility in a statement posted on Pastebin on Wednesday.

The statement reads: “Anonymous has a mission to expose and destroy the corruption of power, greed and corporate power.”

Google declined to comment on the breach.

Google has been under increasing scrutiny following a series of hacks by groups claiming to be working for the Russian government.

Google is a key player in the cloud storage industry, which allows users to store and access files from anywhere.

Google also owns a number of other cloud storage services, including Gmail, Google Apps for Business, and Google Drive.