Google says it has “a new, improved” database to help you find your missing photos

TechRadars article Google has said it has added a new database to its search engine to help find missing photos.

The search giant said on Thursday that it was rolling out the new Google Photos database to all users, allowing them to search for missing photos or videos, and to get more detailed search results.

Google has long struggled with a shortage of its own photos, with users having difficulty accessing photos from its own storage and the company struggling to fill up photos it has uploaded.

Google says it’s adding a new Google Search app to all its devices to help users search for photos, and added a video player that allows users to watch videos on YouTube or Vimeo.

Google says the video player will work on Android and iOS, but it won’t work on any other platform.

Google Photos is available in the Google Play Store, Google Photos on Chrome, the Chrome Web Store and Google Photos.

The company said on Twitter that it’s also adding a search option for its YouTube app.

Google also says the new feature is available to all Google Search users.