Which team wins in the NFL’s wild card game?

The NFC North team that takes home the division title in the playoffs and the AFC North team who takes home an AFC title also gets to play in the NFC Championship Game.

But the division winner gets the home field advantage, and both teams have a shot to win their division titles.

The winner of the NFC North divisional game has a two-game lead in the division.

The wild card playoff game has the same tiebreaker, with the winner of that tiebreaker game facing the winner from the divisional winner.

The two teams playing in that wild card will be tied for the NFC West and AFC West.

The AFC West and NFC West divisions will be played at the same time.

Here’s a look at how the two playoff teams are tied up, with each team playing for the division championship.

The NFC East will also play in a wild card if it wins the NFC East divisional matchup.

The NFC North’s Wild Card GameWinner: Philadelphia Eagles (3-0)At home, the Eagles (1-2) will have to play a game against the Denver Broncos (2-1).

The Broncos have the tiebreaker against the Eagles in this game, but Denver won’t have to go through the wild card unless it loses to the Eagles.

The Eagles will host the Chiefs on the road, and that will be a tough game for the Eagles, especially considering that Kansas City was 4-2 against the Patriots last year.

But Philadelphia’s only loss came against the Chiefs, which will be its only home game of the season.

The Chiefs (2.5-2), who will play the Saints on the season finale, are on the verge of a surprising comeback, having lost the previous two games.

The Patriots, on the other hand, have the best record in the AFC West, with three games left in the season, and they’re the favorites to win the division if they can hold on to their home field lead.

If New England wins the division, the Patriots would go to the Super Bowl.

The Patriots will play at the Denver Memorial Coliseum, which is where the game between the Broncos and Patriots took place in 2008.

The AFC West will play in Houston on Sunday.

The Texans will be playing the Bengals at home on Saturday night.

The Broncos, meanwhile, will be in San Francisco.

The Seahawks, who won the Superdome, will play on Sunday in Denver.

The Cowboys will host New England at home.