‘Marvel: The Avengers’ to become Marvel’s most popular movie database

Marvel Entertainment Inc. will become Marvel Entertainment’s most-popular movie database in the coming years, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Marvel’s The Avengers, which opened May 5, has generated more than $8 billion in global ticket sales, according the Hollywood Handbook, which tracks movie sales.

It’s the third-highest grossing film of all time, behind only Titanic ($13.5 billion) and Titanic 2 ($10.9 billion).

Marvel is also on track to overtake the Walt Disney Co. as the second-most-popular studio in the United States with $2.9 trillion in global box office revenue, according Entertainment Weekly.

Marvel will release six movies a year in the future.

Its library of Marvel movies includes its superhero movies, as well as some movies related to characters from other Marvel properties.

Marvel Studios is currently developing a live-action film with Marvel Television and will begin filming it in 2018.