Why India needs a new social media company to run its social media empire

The government is set to unveil plans for a new company to manage social media in India, following a string of mishaps.

The social media giant is expected to be named Indian Virtual Media Group, or IMG, which could be set up within the next two years.

This could mean that the government is not only trying to save social media but also to help India improve its digital economy and create new jobs.

The government wants to start by creating a private company that will manage the social media network for the government and the state.

In the next six months, it plans to set up the new company, which would also manage other platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

The new company is expected by the government to be able to offer services such as advertising, marketing, distribution and news sharing.

In fact, the government has been exploring how to start selling a digital service.

It has been trying to launch a new digital business since 2015.

As the government was grappling with how to build a digital economy, it was also trying to find a way to manage the online presence of the country’s major media companies, including the Times of India and News24.

To do this, the prime minister had asked the government’s top media regulator, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, to create a new agency, which was tasked with managing the social network for all media companies.

But this agency was not allowed to set its own rules and would have to rely on the government.

Now, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has set up a new department, Digital Media Services, which will oversee the social platform for the media companies and would also be tasked with overseeing the social accounts of the news portals.

A social media portal that has to cater to all these platforms has been a challenge.

It has been in operation for about five years and was built on top of a platform called Facebook, which is now owned by Facebook.

For instance, the Times Now news portal is powered by a Facebook app, which has not been updated since April 2017.

The social platform is also run by the News24 portal.

However, the app has not changed since May 2017.

In fact, News24 has been using the same platform since March 2017.

News24 was founded by two journalists from the Indian Broadcasting Corporation.

The newspaper had no news and opinion sections in the last few years, and it was mostly run by employees.

It was also unable to offer any content that was not directly related to the news, which led to its demise.

While the government had wanted to have its own platform, the two journalists had already started work on it.

In 2016, the ministry had also started working on an idea for a portal for a website for the news portal.

According to an official, the minister was also considering using a private platform for news content, which might be a way of building a new business model.

Even though News24 had been running for over five years, it had to evolve in a way that made it more accessible and easier to use.

The idea was that it should be run on a Facebook-powered app, a service which was to be developed by the newspaper and would provide content to users.

At the time, News 24 had an app called Newsstand, which provided news and entertainment news, but its popularity and the growth of the social web was slow.

However, in 2015, News21 had launched its own Facebook app.

The News21 app was an app that was completely different from News24’s app.

Instead of news, News 21 offered a curated feed of stories curated by the editorial staff.

News 21’s news was curated by journalists from India’s national news agency, and they also had the option to post news that was relevant to their respective areas of expertise.

This was a big difference from News 24, which only offered news.

The minister had also suggested that the app should be available on Google and Amazon’s cloud platforms.

After a few months of testing, it turned out that News21 was a success, and Google was the only company that was able to build an app for it.

However a lot of the problems that the news outlets faced during the initial months of its launch, were solved in the next few months.

A new company could have also helped News21 to focus on more important areas.

One of the major problems News21 faced was its lack of content.

Its platform was limited in terms of what content it could offer.

News21 also lacked content on certain subjects.

For instance, Newsday and Times Now had different titles for their respective subjects.

If the government wants a new platform to run the social networking site, it will have to look for new content.

It would also have to decide what kind of content to offer to its users.

There are several different ideas about how to go about this.

While Facebook has already launched its News Feed, the company has said