‘Mafia’ on trial in Italian court

The trial of a Mafia figure accused of murder and extortion in the US will begin on Thursday in New York.

The case of Italian mafia boss Giancarlo Capasso has come under scrutiny for decades.

In a new lawsuit filed in the New York District Court, Capasso is accused of being the ringleader of a network that allegedly extorted millions of dollars from investors.

Prosecutors are seeking a jail sentence for Capasso, who is in the process of being extradited to Italy.

Prosecutors allege that Capasso was the mastermind of a massive money-laundering ring that included the Mafia, organized crime figures and a former Mafia chief.

The defendant allegedly extorts hundreds of millions of euros from investors and others.

The court documents accuse Capasso of having a “criminal conspiracy” that he is responsible for running from 2006 until today.

The lawsuit was filed by lawyer Mario Mancini.

He said that Capacio was part of a “covert mafia” that had an “international influence”.

“He has an international influence because he has always been a man of great integrity,” Mancina said.

“This mafia, however, is one of the most organized of organized crime in Europe and the United States.

It is an international network that extends from the southern tip of Italy to northern Italy.”

It’s a criminal conspiracy, a criminal organization.

“Prosecutors said Capasso had a network of 200 members in the United Kingdom and more than 100 in the States.

The judge overseeing the trial in Manhattan, US District Court Judge David A. Baer, has scheduled the hearing for October.