How to rename database entries with MySQL

Database entry renaming is a common task for any database administrator.

When you want to rename a database entry, the first thing you need to do is create a new entry in your database.

This will allow you to quickly delete or rename the database entry.

When renaming a database, you may want to add or remove information from the database.

MySQL allows you to create or edit multiple entries at once by using a new file in your MySQL server.

When creating a new database entry in MySQL, it will first create a database.

Then it will create a table in your server that contains the name of the database and a table that contains all the information about the database that you need.

Then, it can use this table to update information about any existing entries in the database as needed.

You can also use the new file to create a custom field in your table, which will be used to store information about new entries in your new database.

Here’s how to rename your database entry using MySQL.

If you want more information about how to create new database entries, see the MySQL manual.