Xbox Live Gold for $30 per month: New deal available for PS4 rebuild

Microsoft is offering Xbox Live gold members the opportunity to upgrade to a new service with a monthly fee of $30.

This includes both free and premium accounts, and the new service will only work for Xbox One owners.

This offer can be activated by logging in to Xbox Live and choosing “upgrade.”

Users must sign up for a free trial before the service is activated, and all existing accounts will be automatically renewed.

For the price of $35, a new premium service is available, and is available on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Microsoft’s new service allows players to continue to use Xbox Live in the same manner as before, but will offer the option to have a second account set up for their existing account.

Xbox Live is the only game service that allows for online multiplayer with Xbox One, and Microsoft’s service is free.

The free service is offered on Xbox One until the end of the month, and Xbox Live will automatically renew for the remaining subscription year, with no monthly fee.

Xbox 360 gamers will need to buy an Xbox Live Premium subscription.

This subscription includes unlimited live online multiplayer and online gaming with the Xbox 360 console, and includes the ability to play on the same console.

It costs $19.99 per month for one year.